The 2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry utilises Teamspeak 3 for our communications in game; alongside the Task Force Radio mod within our mod pack this provides an immersive and realistic radio environment within ARMA 3.

If you already have Teamspeak 3 installed you can click this link to initialise the application and connect directly to our TS3 servers public welcome page:

Server Banner

You can also see the user browsers by clicking on the links below. However please note that no user data or currently online list will show for the members only areas as these are hidden due to the way in which we protect vital members only communications channels.


Server Banner
2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry TeamSpeak Viewer

A final note: we will not tolerate abuse, misuse, trolling or other disruptions to our TS3 server. Although our members only areas are fully securethe public welcome room, by its very nature of being public, will occasionally be visited by arsehats who do not follow the above guidelines, in these cases any offending individual will be promptly, and permanently, banned from the server.

If you have any further questions or comments please visit the public area of our Forum.