About Us

2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry (NATO-COOP)

We are a well established group with a strong, friendly, community feel having operated together within the IL2 flight simulation series since 2006, branching out into ARMA in an organised way during the ARMA 3 Alpha.

We enjoy the realism aspects of tactical combat operations and as such have a rank and award structure to recognise individual progress. We operate a meritocracy that concentrates on teamwork, dedication, training and communication.

We are a Battalion based upon teamwork, however there is also discipline, to us this doesn't mean calling one another by virtual ranks or having members try their best Gunnery Sergeant Hartman impression on new recruits - to us discipline means to be organized, to do things correctly, and to achieve unit cohesion. Throughout your virtual career you will be subject to the rules and regulations contained in the Soldier's Manual and on this website. They will guide you through the complex processes involved in participating in an on-line virtual Battalion, as well as clearly setting out the parameters, responsibilities, and possibilities, inherent to your designated rank.

Whilst we have an organisational and rank structure we do not pursue the "hardcore milsim" aspects of making members refer to one-another by rank, sir, or other titles. Ranks within the 53rd are earned through both individual progress and by holding certain rostered positions. This is to ensure a clear command and control chain both within and outside of mission.

Communication within the group is of most importance. We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate during our missions and practices. This is an essential part of being able to operate as part of the team. As ultimately our emphasis is on teamwork and co-operation as a realistic combat unit: pursuing the hobby together to both achieve mission success and enjoy sharing the comraderie of an organised group.

The 2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry is a fictional, non-national Battalion that operates as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisations Coalition Organised Operations Partnership or NATO-COOP for short. This means that whilst we are not tied to an individual nation we do primarily play as part of the Blue Force using weapons, vehicles and other equipment consistent with that alliance.

We also believe that one of the key strengths of the ARMA series is how the developers embrace the modification community; with this community of modders providing new factions, weapons, vehicles, equipment and even terrains for the ARMA 3 engine. Because of this we also embrace the use of mods: operating our own 53rd Mod collection available through the Play With Six network.

If after reading this you think we are the right group for you and that you will be a good fit for the group; we welcome you to complete an enlistment form. If you are still uncertain, perhaps jump on our teamspeakwhen we are hosting public sessions where your questions can be answered upon meeting some of our members.