Welcome to Fort Python, home of the 2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry Initial Military Training Academy.

Upon successful completion of the recruit training course you will be able to:

Effectively operate basic infantry weapons;
Fire and maneuver individually, with a battle buddy, and as a member of a six (6) man fireteam;
Understand the roles within the fireteam and how each contributes to the overall effectiveness of the team;
Mount and dismount a vehicle or airborne asset;
Communicate using local voice and set short and long range radio frequencies;
Navigate using terrain, a map, and a compass.

Completion of the inirial Recruit's Training Course will provide you with the foundation needed to function as a member of the 2nd Battalion 53rd AIr Infantry. Furthermore, it will ensure that you are a successful and combat ready member of the Battalion from the first day of your virtual career.

If you have any further questions or comments please visit the public area of our Forum.

Further and specialism training will be provided to members of the 2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry during their virtual careers. Such training will be provided on an ad-hoc basis during organised training events. As such their is no need to detail this on the website at this time.